my uncle roger, cousin pete & some redwoods santa cruz, CA

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Well, I’ve never known a more suitable example of a ‘Grown Child’ then what I know with my Uncle Roger. An absolute ‘workaholic’, but at the same time, will be the first to tug your ponytail when you’ve got your head turned. He decided a long time ago he didn’t want to grow up, and so that’s exactly what he did. Sometimes his son Pete is found clipping him around the ears to keep this Clown in line..

Rogers commitment to clean energy is commendable & one of his most admirable traits in my eyes. Many moons ago I recall him saying – “I want to wake up everyday knowing I’m doing something for the environment” & that he did. Roger started a solar paneling company from scratch. Growing it into something that originated an infectious trend, which now, many have followed after. Solar energy will remain globally expanding, thanks to people like this Dreamer.

Roger has carried this fine attitude into the Cancer Chapter of his journey…  you couldn’t have anything shape him before, so why would it now? I remember asking him how he’s going with it all & all he said was – “I don’t give it much thought really” – there’s too much play to be had I guess.. Rogers body may be getting tested, but his mind and soul are powering more then ever.. hooray to that !!

May we all remember the importance of the preservation of this beautiful planet & to hold a great attitude through our journeys.

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